Southeast Asian Foods to Try

Southeast Asia is a food paradise. If you are going to visit the Southeast part of Asia, make sure you try some of the food specialties in the region. When you travel to Southeast Asia, you’ll have opportunities to try unique food that is only offered in this unique region. There is foods for all types of tastebuds, and you’ll be sure to find something that you love and have never tried before.

There is Some of them are the following:

Pad Thai

It is a must-try food if you are in Thailand. Although, you can also find a local version of Pad Thai in neighboring countries like Cambodia and Laos. It only costs less than a dollar in Thailand and you get to enjoy Thais’ signature dish.

It is made of rice noodles, bean sprouts, chicken, green onions, carrots, crushed peanuts, soy sauce, peanut sauce, and scrambled egg. Sprinkle a dash of lime for that citrusy zest. There is some variation in the recipe. Some love their Pad Thai sweet and spicy while others want it to be on the spicy salty side.


If you visit the Philippines, make sure you try the famous lechon. It is the Philippines take on the classic roasted pig. Lechon is not cooked in the oven. It is cooked in an open fire and it takes a lot of timing, skills, and expertise, to achieve crispy skin and juicy meat. Lechon is the start of every gathering.


This is tagged as the king of all fruits. It tastes delicious but it smells awful. In fact, it is banned on public transport because of its pungent smell. It is an expensive fruit, especially if it is not in season. Durians are plenty in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Pork Buns

These are steamed buns filled with meat, usually pork but there are also chicken filled buns. The dough is distinct from the rest because it is airy and fluffy. You can find a lot of buns in China, Macau, and Hong Kong.

Fresh Spring Rolls

Authentic fresh spring rolls are found in Vietnam. Although, you can find one in Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines. It is made from a variety of ingredients such as meat, vermicelli noodles, and carefully chosen vegetables wrapped in a rice paper. The dipping sauce is made from soy sauce, spice, and sesame.


This dish speaks Malay and Chinese. It is a spicy noodle soup famous in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. There are two primary flavors, the asam laksa which is the traditional laksa and the curry laksa made from sweet coconut milk.

Papaya Salad

An unripe papaya is shredded and made into a salad; a popular side dish or even an appetizer in Southeast Asia. The unripe shredded papaya is fermented vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, and bell pepper. Some have carrots and bitter gourd in it. In the Philippines, unripe papaya salad is called achara.


This is the unofficial dish of the Philippines. If you are going to visit the Philippines anytime soon, make sure you get to taste their authentic adobo. Both can be made from chicken or pork. There are different versions of adobo; spicy, salty/sour, and sweet and sour taste.